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  • Dirty Cabbage rice with beef

    Ingredients: 100g lean ground beef 2 C cabbage finely chopped into rice sized ( can use a food processor) or leave as big chunks as picture above 1 C chicken broth 1/2 t cumin 1/2 T chili powder 1 T minced onion 2 clove garlic crush and minced Salt & Pepper optional: Serve with Frank’s hot pepper sauce. In a read more…

  • Burger with Onions

    Ingredients 100 g lean ground beef 1 cup of decided onions 1-2 TBS of lemon juice Liquid aminos to taste Dollop of of Walden Farms French dressing   Sautee ground beef and decided onion in the lemon juice and the liquid amino. Add the dressing once cooked.